Top Tourist Attractions in Cannes, France

Cannes Film Festival

With a Mediterranean climate and a beautiful reputation, Cannes is a great place to visit. When making a trip to this destination, you can’t miss the following tourist attractions in Cannes.

Tourist Attractions in Cannes

1. Le Suquet

tourist attractions in Cannes: Le Suquet


West of the harbor is the original hillside settlement of Cannes, where the pattern of bustling streets has not changed for hundreds of years.

If you go to dinner in the evening, you will most likely spend at least some time on the Rue Sainte-Antoine, the winding road up the hill between the houses of the old fishermen.

You can let your curiosity take over and climb the stairs, slowly up the lacquer-painted walls and confetti, until you reach Place de la Castre.

2. La Croisette

This is one of the tourist attractions in Cannes. Like the Promenade des Anglais in neighboring Nice, La Croisette is one of the most iconic streets in France – it certainly dominates Cannes, which runs along the coast for miles. Scattered with boutique shops, palm trees, and casinos, you’ll find the smartest hotels, many with private beaches. If you don’t mind paying for a sun lounger, you can enjoy the beach waitress service while you look out over Cannes Bay – otherwise choose one of the public chairs lined up with La Croisette and direction Your gaze turns the other direction to watch the luxurious Cannes residents stride around town.

3. Cannes Film Festival

tourist attractions in Cannes: Cannes Film Festival


The venue of the Cannes Film Festival has been photographed so many times that it is widely recognized.

You can take a tour around the Grand Auditorium, following some of the world’s most famous people and where some of the landmarks in recent cinema history have taken place.

Naturally, you will have a chance to walk the red carpet on the stairs leading up to Promenande de la Croisette’s Gran Auditorium.

There won’t be any paparazzi around but maybe you can ask a relative or even a passerby to take pictures of you on these famous steps.

4. La Croix-des-Gardes

When the small village of Cannes first became popular with British tourists in the 19th century, a man built a large castle on the west side of the village and opened up vast gardens. Now, they have become a 200-acre public space featuring trails and hiking trails, the Parc Naturel Foretier de la Croix des Gardes, culminating in a polished steel cross. giant at the highest point. A park is a great place for walks and picnics.

5. Marché Forville

Marché Forville


Every morning, you can travel through Provence without leaving Cannes.

All you have to do is visit this covered market, where the seasonal produce and flavors of the region originate from all over southern France.

It is also favored by the locals, which is spectacular as it is rare to see real everyday life in this lavish city.

On offer can range from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and fragrant herbs to delicately handcrafted gourmet candies, truffles, and olive oil.

6. Le Vieux Port

Old Port of Cannes is a picturesque fusion of traditional charm and immense wealth, home to the stern medieval architecture of the Le Suquet towers over (and possibly looking down). Charming yachts line up in the harbor. Choose one of the cool bars along the water’s edge to watch the giant ships slide in and out of town – and you’ll probably see a handful of gilded people being transported to and from yachts biggest. It’s a favorite on Instagram at dawn or dusk as the magical colors of the harbor buildings revitalize.

7. Île Sainte-Marguerite

Île Sainte-Marguerite


Just a 15-minute ferry ride from Cannes’ old harbor, Île Sainte-Marguerite is the closest of the two Lérins Islands to the mainland.

It’s the perfect choice if the beaches and streets of Cannes are too many: This island has a deep, fragrant forest of rock pines and eucalyptus trees, and even on busy days you might have to Be a little lonely.

There’s also historical interest here: On the north coast is the star-shaped 17th-century Royal Fortress, which holds prisoners like the Man in the Mysterious Iron Mask.

Today, it is a navigation museum with items taken from local Roman and Moorish shipwrecks.

In conclusion, these are tourist attractions in Cannes that you must visit during your trip.


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