Top Free Learning Tools For Self Learners


Gaining new skills without having to take expensive courses and study tools can save you hundreds of dollars. Best of all, self-study is a useful and invaluable way of transmitting energy in difficult times. To help you on your journey of growth and self-discovery, here is a list of the best free learning tools for self learners you should know.

Free Learning Tools For Self Learners

1. Duolingo

free learning tools for self learners: Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best free learning tools for self learners to learn new languages. Based on highly regarded learning, Duolingo uses games, badges, rewards, and challenges to keep you motivated throughout your learning journey. Duolingo’s personalized learning, Duolingo lessons adapt to your pace and style of learning and offer tailored exercises to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively. Lessons focus on real-life goals – for example, ordering at a restaurant. Learners are tailored to achieve that goal through a variety of exercises and content ranging from videos, podcasts, live events, or interactive stories.
The app is completely free and accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free learning tools for self learners. From Macroeconomics to Shakespeare, the Khan Academy offers over 4000 free courses from a variety of disciplines. Personalized learning dashboard allowing learners to track their progress.

One of the best things about this platform is that it is available in languages other than English, such as French and Spanish. It also has a mobile app to continue your learning.

3. SoloLearn

free learning tools for self learners: SoloLearn

Programming is one of the most valuable skills in today’s job market. SoloLearn offers learning tools that can help you acquire coding skills for free, that only require your time and effort. It offers a vast collection of free learning content for all levels – from beginner programmers to experts in the basic languages, such as C ++, Python, and JavaScript.

4. Coursera

Often hailed as the best online learning platform out there, Coursera partners with nearly 200 top educational institutions and companies involved in various fields of research. From tech giants like Google and IBM to Ivy League schools, online course content is available for free on the platform.

5. Google Primer

Google Primer


6. edX

Much broader in terms of online courses is edX. Like Coursera, it partners with numerous universities and learning institutions to provide courses in topics from computer science to engineering. The levels this platform provides range from introductory courses—like Entrepreneurship 101—to those covering advanced content—like the Economics of Energy Transition.

7. Bookboon

free learning tools for self learners: Bookboon

If you are the type of learner who only likes text and text – no need for an explainer video, then Bookboon is a great resource for you. This site offers more than 50 million e-books and textbooks on just about any topic you can think of. From the introduction to essay writing to the philosophy of artificial intelligence, Bookboon has helped you answer all your questions.

8. Minitopo

Minitopo is a community of professionals and learners who share their knowledge with passion. Connoisseurs of topics ranging from Opera to tasting, share their knowledge in small tutorial modules. The app uses both microlearning and peer-learning approaches to help you improve your skills and knowledge in cultural topics. Learning is done through learning cards, interactive quizzes, and conversations created by each topic expert.

Minitopo is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to download.

9. Blinklist



From leadership to psychology, Blinklist allows you to explore non-fiction – anything with a fact-based basis – award-winning titles and learn new things from the schools of thought. important.
With a free account, you get access to daily free reading. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Evernote. With a premium account, you get access to unlimited content, learn hands-free by listening to recordings, highlight your favorite ideas and share it with Kindle and Evernote.
If you are a blogger or content creator, Bliklist also offers a partner program where you can offer your content and earn commissions by referring your readers and followers. communication.

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