Top Best To-Do-List Apps to Boost Productivity

Google Keeps

If you are obsessed with productivity and always have tons of tasks to be solved in a day, then using a to-do list application is a good idea for you. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, it’s important to use the right tools to increase productivity, and having an accessible and manageable task list that can go a long way. This post will help you list some of the best to-do-list apps to boost productivity.

Best To-Do-List Apps to Boost Productivity

1. ToDoist

best to-do-list apps: ToDoist


ToDoist is one of the best to-do-list apps which is used by over 10 million people. To use the app, you just need to write down all the activities you intend to do. The software then interprets these activities and categorizes the tasks accordingly.

However, this app is more than just an individual activity plan. You can use it to plan group activities. It’s also good for planning whole projects, discussing project details, and keeping track of deadlines.

Basic functionality is free, but you can unlock premium features for $ 36 or $ 60 a year for full access.

2. TickTick

TickTick is a rapidly growing to-do list app that offers a wide range of features on every platform you can imagine. Adding tasks takes place quickly thanks to natural language processing. There’s also a popular shortcut provided on the desktop versions and notifications and widgets pinned on mobile, helping you quickly add a task before returning to work. do. Tasks can be sorted using lists, tags, and completion dates, and there’s even the ability to add sub-tasks to any task.

TickTick also offers a number of features that outperform what other apps offer. First of all, there’s a built-in Pomodoro timer, which allows you to start a 25-minute session on any of your tasks. Second, there’s integration with various third-party calendars, allowing you to see your tasks and appointments in one place and even do some time blocking. There’s also a built-in routine tracking tool that lets you review the number of days you’ve worked or didn’t follow on your fitness and diet commitments.

3. Google Keeps

best to-do-list apps: Google Keeps


A Google to-do list app, Google Keeps allows users to add notes, sounds, photos, shared to-do lists into one place. Keep not only lets you maintain a portfolio of tasks and reminders, but also lets you set up triggers based on location and time to ensure you keep track of your to-dos.

For example, you can set location-based reminders to show a grocery list as soon as you arrive at the store, or set a time-based reminder to make sure you never miss those deadlines.

You can also share these notes with your coworkers and keep everyone on the same page. However, Keep is more about personal note-taking and to-dos rather than office environments.

4. CloudApp

This is one of the best to-do-list apps to improve productivity. It offers highly intuitive communication that can save you up to 56 hours a week. Your only problem will be to decide how you can use all the extra time.

Whether you’re talking to a client, coworker, or a client, this app has all the features you need. With GIFs, screenshots, and image annotations, you no longer have to write lengthy emails. Instead, you can show people what you want them to do.

The app has more than 3 million users. It has proven to be quite reliable when it comes to helping users increase productivity. You can choose the free version, or you can opt for a $ 9-a-month upgrade to access premium features.

5. Evernote



Evernote has been in the note and productivity business for a decade, bringing in more than 225 million customers and more than 20,000 businesses worldwide.

Evernote keeps all your personal ideas, to-do lists, and professional meeting notes, and to-do documents in one place. Easily create separate tags and folders for different types of information and keep it all tidy.

This to-do list app syncs automatically across all your devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Your cropped ideas, photos, and pages are available, no matter where you are.

6. Quip

If you’re working closely with your team members, Quip is a great app for team activities. The platform combines spreadsheets, documents, slides, and chat. Its main strength is that it comes with a suite of Live Apps. You can use them to increase the functionality of Quip.

Plus, you’ll waste less time by being able to streamline the use of different tools. Quip is one of the most adaptive productivity apps in the world.

There are options for using connected tools to track time, manage tasks, and more. Some of Quip’s integrations are Dropbox, Github, Slack, Salesforce, and more. This app costs just 30 dollars a month for 5 users.


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