Amazon Echo Studio Review

Amazon Echo Studio review: design

Amazon’s eagerness to drive sound quality and adopting Amazon’s high-resolution audio must be a good thing, and the Echo Studio is a capable competitor in the crowded smart speaker market. This post will give you a full Amazon Echo Studio review to learn more about this device.

Amazon Echo Studio Review

1. Design

Amazon Echo Studio review: design


The Amazon Echo Studio packs a lot of hardware in its 8.1-inch (26cm) body, which is why it weighs 7.7lbs (3.5kg). Inside are three 2-inch midrange speakers and a 1-inch tweeter backed by a large 5.25-inch woofer. This has a bass aperture, which can stylishly be seen through the speaker body, to enhance that bass for maximum efficiency. All that equates to a whopping 330W of power is pumped out from this speaker.

But there’s more room in there, enough for a 24-bit DAC. That means this can play high-resolution audio of a variety, but more than that below. Thanks to 802.11ac Wi-Fi, huge files can even be compressed wirelessly to this speaker with ease. You also have Bluetooth onboard. Don’t like wireless? There’s a 3.5mm transmission line if you want to use it to play from a device like a turntable.

The smooth round finish is highlighted with a material mesh that helps it blend in with any room. The LED ring for the Alexa controls can be instantly recognized as Echo while the rest of this speaker screams a much more premium message. On top is a touch panel that looks great though be cautious as this easily collects finger smudges. There’s also an integrated smart home hub for anyone looking to use Zigbee compatible smart devices directly.

2. Performance

Amazon Echo Studio review: performance

It is difficult to get directional audio to work and be immersive. Doing it from a single speaker source is more challenging.

It’s a powerful speaker which absolutely booms with bass force and overall volume, and easily the best-sounding Echo speaker to date.

A commitment to more robust drivers and having strived to capture the attention of a more discerning ear, Amazon has a speaker easily standing alongside higher-end smart speaker setups. Finally, Amazon has a speaker to be able to truly rock a party.

3D audio, comprised of a “growing library” of specially-mixed tracks is a feature exclusive to Echo Studio users who sign up for the company’s new Amazon Music HD streaming service. As the name suggests, it offers Hi-Res Audio versions of the majority of its catalog, alongside the 3D audio mixes.

If you request a song on the Echo Studio, and happen to be an Amazon Music HD subscriber, Alexa will pull in a version of the track in the following order of preference, where available: 3D audio > Hi-resolution > standard resolution. And, if you’re on the fence about giving the service a go, a ‘Best of 3D Music’ taster playlist is available to all to listen to, offering about 20 tracks.

3. Features



Amazon Echo Studio is packed with many features to make the most of the range of speakers stuffed in this monster’s body. At the heart of that is a 24-bit DAC backed by 100 kHz bandwidth. This can do digital to the analog audio conversion of multiple files from AAC and MP3 to FLAC, Dolby Atmos, and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

Wherever this speaker is located, it automatically analyzes its surroundings and how sound is coming from everything around it. Utilizing the built-in microphone, the speaker adjusts the equalizer, during playback, to produce the best possible sound balance.

While the Echo Studio works well as a standalone speaker, it can also be used with another speaker to create a stereo pair. This is ideal if you want this for your TV as it supports all types of Dolby and also works with a sub to deliver true 2.1 surround sound.

Alexa makes this a marvel with too many features to list here. Some options include voice-controlled music playback, multi-room support, voice calls, intercom, questions answered, scheduled routes, weather check, and more and more. Smart home control for lights, thermostats, and more, it’s all just a voice command.

In the Echo Studio, Amazon has made its best speaker. It’s ambitious, flexible, multi-purpose, and low-priced that only a company as large as Amazon can compete with. Hoping that this Amazon Echo Studio review is useful for you.


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